Family Dinner DVD

Family Dinner DVD

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Family Dinner DVD

Family Dinner focuses on the contemporary topics of true love and dating as it parallels The Institution of the Eucharist the Fifth Luminous Mystery of the Rosary. Family Dinner is the story of 15-year-old Cristina who gets caught planning to sneak out to a party with Lukas, a popular senior she has been secretly seeing. Her parents are angry but Cristina begs them to reconsider. They are willing to relent but only after they all meet Lukas ... but who has time for that? Cristina promises to help each family member with their projects to free up their schedules for a family dinner. Lukas is not enthused about having dinner with the family. Will Lukas even come? His modern and entertaining drama is about learning the nature of true love and the selfless service Christ's love calls us to share in The Institution of the Eucharist. DVD 28 minutes. Filmed in English. Dubbed in Spanish. Subtitled in Portuguese and French. All on one DVD Includes a multi-lingual study guide.

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